Services to Expect From a Pharmacy Management BPO

December 28, 2016

There are many healthcare BPO services providing the ultimate solutions in pharmacy billing that play the key roles in providing specialized services to aid pharmacies and healthcare providers in medical claims processing through unique techniques in pharmacy billing. Services to be expected from a healthcare BPO companies related to pharmacy management are:

Pharmacy Management

Professional services on pharmacy management include:

• Making entries on refill orders – Entries should be made immediately on receiving order for refill to ensure that there is uninterrupted supply of medicine.

• Entry of data conversion – LTC pharmacy data entries and data conversion to different formats should be made.

• Managing requests for refills – Efficient services should be provided to managing requests for refills which come in large volumes.

• Entries for emergency kit order – Entries should be made on kit orders which are emergency in nature

Pharmacy Billing

Services expected from pharmacy billing companies include:

• Updating of daily census of patients
• Recording of information on all admissions
• Managing prior authorization through documentation and approval by physician
• Managing volumes of refills for both patients and pharmacies
• Following up on the reimbursement of medical expenses
• Posting of all payments made by insurance companies

Mail Order Pharmacy

Managing mail order pharmacy requires trained personnel for the following jobs:

• Triage – Each document should be verified and scanned through latest technological process in medical coding which involve using the optical character method in order to process the documents in real time.

• Managing requests for refills – The voluminous task of managing requests for refills should be handled by trained staff that will make immediate entries and forward them to the healthcare pharmacy and also monitor refills for new patients.

• Authorization – Prior authorization should be completed for each patient and approval received from concerned physician so that there is no interruption in supply of medicine. Patients should also be given the option to switch over to generic brands.

Document Management

Document management is a part of healthcare BPO solutions which must be handled efficiently through updated technical process like:

• Triaging: When volumes of documents are to be processed, healthcare BPO management should undertake the job by scanning and verifying each document, using the optical character coding method so that the job is completed in real time.

• Sorting: This needs meticulous processing according to categories through using technical process in sorting, as records should be maintained for each patient and pharmacies under healthcare providers.

• Association: All documents should be handled by a team of pharmacists who are licensed and are competent in working under the system for pharmacy information, managing refills and sorting out problems.

There are healthcare business process outsourcing companies who have the necessary infrastructure to handle any volume of mail order pharmacy through efficient management who are trained in various categories of jobs which include handling refills and pharmacy billing. These services have become popular because healthcare providers and pharmacies find their task cut out so that they are able to concentrate more on critical issues.

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